Listen, we know how tough it can be to find a fierce backpack for older kids that will last, which is why some of our kids still don’t have the perfect one yet. It’s also why we put together an entire Back to School backpack round-up of the darned things. So you can understand our excitement when Queen Bey herself helps to design a high-end bag that looks like Darth Vader and will last almost as long, while giving a backpack to a kid in need. (Which is a very un Vader-like act of benevolence, of course.)

This limited edition Beygood x State Union backpack is… irreplaceable? Yes. We’re calling it. With antique brass zippers, leather-bound side pockets, a laptop sleeve, an iPad pocket, and padded straps that seriously remind me of Darth Vader’s belt, the bag itself is top quality but understated in its awesomeness. And of course it’s pricey, but like all State bags, for each one sold, they donate one to an American child in need which is always something we’re willing to pay a little more for.

Beygood Beyonce x State Backpacks collaboration donates one to a child in need

In short, it’s the perfect backpack if you want to Run the World. And with that, I’m out of Beyonce song references that don’t involve putting on a black leotard and dancing.

Find the Beygood x State Union backpacks that give back at State. 

top photo via nitrolicious.