Next up in our Back to School Shopping Guide series are the coolest backpacks and bags for big kids. And you may know that’s no easy task, especially when kids suddenly have an opinion (or two or 27) about what they’re carrying. Here, you’ll find the coolest styles from preppy to funky to everything in between, all big enough all those books and homework folders (ack!) and snacks and even laptops they’ll be toting around. Plus as moms, we’re aiming for packs that will still look pretty great in May, too.

Coolest backpacks for back to school: Madpax bubble pack


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Coolest backpacks for older kids: Wonder Woman Backpack

Coolest backpacks for kids: Superman backpack at Pottery Barn Kids
Wonder Woman Backpack  and Superman Backpack ($44.50+ at PBK)
Our own grade-schoolers are so thrilled with PBK’s entire new Marvel collection, which all feature the colorful icons popping out from against a black-and-white comic strip panel. Have it personalized, monogrammed, or if you want to be extra cool, just put Diana or Clark on yours. We’ll all get it.



Coolest backpacks for older kids: Fjällräven Kanken backpack
Fjällräven Kanken backpack ($75, Zappos)
Also a pick in our best backpacks for preschoolersFjällräven makes spectacular full-sized backpacks for the miminalist. In other words, you get all the compartments you need but none of the crazy features you don’t.  And ooh, amazing color choices.


Coolest backpacks for older kids: monogram canvas backpack
Monogram canvas backpack ($43, Medium Control)
Recently featured on our site, this cool company has an incredible range of durable designs for kids too cool for cute designs but who still want to show some style.


Coolest backpacks and bags for older kids: drop the needle messenger bag
Drop the needle messenger bag ($46, Medium Control)
From the same company, big props for their messenger bag styles which feature cool designs like this retro reference to turntables. Currently referred to as “DJ culture.” Whatever. We just like it.


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Coolest backpacks for older kids: MadPax space-themed backpack
MadPax space-themed Bubble Backpack ($80, MadPax)
We are so in love with this big, space-themed, glow-y backpack that we’re even giving one away in our back to school giveaway. All their Bubble Backpacks are terrific (including the solid red one at top) but this one should get some extra special attention on the first day of school.


Coolest backpacks for older kids: 60s Starlet Backpack by Miquelrius
60s Starlet Backpack by Miquelrius ($37.99 on sale at eBags)
For big girls turning into little ladies, we love Jordi Labanda Cameron’s medium sized poly backpack with a nod to some of the most enduring classic film stars of our time. In light of Lauren Bacall’s recent passing this week, we only wish her name were here too.

Coolest backpacks for big kids: OAK backpack - buy one / one donated to a child in need

OAK Old School Backpack ($60, OAK Lifestyle)
OAK actually stands for Ordinary Acts of Kindness, and when you purchase one of these durable, comfy canvas laptop backpacks, you not only get an awesome bag for back to school, but the company donates a backpack to a child in need. Hooray for school supplies that give back.

Coolest backpacks for older kids: Fjällräven Rucksack
Fjällräven Rucksack ($150, Zappos)
Also from Fjällräven (oh, those clever Swedes) comes this fantastic rucksack style backpack for kids who are going to be carrying more than a few composition journals each day – including a 15″ laptop. (And for more of the best laptop backpack ideas, check out our 2013 back to school tech guide. Also, aren’t you just dying to say, “Please to help me with my rucksack?”

Coolest backpacks for older kids: Jansport Superbreak Backpack
Jansport Superbreak Backpack ($34.90, eBags)
For an affordable option that still has style, we’re liking this gender-neutral, sophisticated striped print from Jansport. Stripes of all kind are always in style; the dark color will keep it looking newer, longer; and for under $35, hard to beat the price.

Coolest backpacks for older kids: Granite Gear Misquah Backpack

Coolest backpacks for older kids: saunders colorblock
Granite Gear Misquah Backpack and Granite Granite Gear Saunders Backpack ($34.99, 39.99, Granite Gear)
This rugged backpack from the cult favorite Minnesota company Granite Gear, has the DNA of a serious camping pack but with a lightweight design and cool styling that makes it perfect for school days. A.K.A. the times kids probably wish they were outdoors jumping streams instead.



Coolest backpacks for older kids: minecraft backpack
Minecraft Backpack ($39.99, Think Geek)
No one – no one – can tell our own kids that this isn’t THE backpack to own for fall.  Ask your own, and tell us what they say.



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