I typically think of gingerbread houses as a Christmas tradition, but my family is usually so slammed with other activities then that we don’t get around to it. So this year I’m thinking, why not build a candy house for the holiday that’s all about candy? As in Halloween. And now making said Halloween gingerbread house  is super easy with the Haunted House Decorating Kit from our creative friends at Sweet Thrills Bakeshop.


Sweet Treats Bakeshop Halloween gingerbread house kit

We were so happy with their edible menorah kits last year that we’re sure this Haunted House kit will be delicious too. It includes everything you need, from black gingerbread pieces to make the house and spoooooky graveyard, to icing “glue” and plenty of colorful candy. While you’re letting your kids decorate their houses, you can read them the Halloween story and fun facts that come with the kit. We’ve got lots of fun Halloween party ideas lately, but this is one that might be more memorable than any of them. At least if you can get your hands on one–they go fast!

Start a new family tradition with your Haunted House Decorating Kit from Sweet Thrills Bakeshop.

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