This year, zomg THANKSGIVUKKAH. I can’t believe I have to get ready for Thanksgiving and Hanukkah all at once, and I’m sure I’m not alone. So we’re kicking off the season with our mini guide of some of the best Hanukkah gifts for kids.

While of course all the toys and games and gifts we feature on Cool Mom Picks make perfect Hanukkah gifts for any kid, these 15 are the special ones we’ve tracked down just for Hanukkah revelers. And only the cool stuff, promise.

Hey, you can giftwrap while the pumpkin pie bakes. –Liz

Engraved wooden dreidel ($3.50, Just Off Normal)
We love the work from this Etsy shop and this is way prettier than plastic. Plus the “instructions” on each side help kids who can’t always tell a gimel from a nun. [EDITED TO ADD: Sadly, the dreidels seem to be unlisted for now. Convo the artist and see if you can have one made!]

Gingerbread menorah kit | Cool Mom Picks

Gingerbread Menorah Kit ($19.95-29.95, Sweet Thrills Bake Shop)
Gingerbread is not the sole purvey of Christmas revelers, especially when it’s turned into a delicious edible Menorah you can assemble yourself. And it really is delicious! There’s also a mini kit should you have multiple gingerbread fans to shop for, and we love that this is a craft activity and a treat all at once. [EDITED TO ADD: Looks like the Gingerbread Menorah and mini kits are sold out!]

Rebecca Rubin doll and book | Cool Mom Picks

Rebecca Rubin American Girl Doll and Book ($110, American Girl Shop)
If you’ve got an American Girl Doll fan at home, this is a special way to introduce her to the Jewish immigrant story of the early 20th century. Pair with some handmade American Girl Doll clothes from Etsy artists that we’ve tracked down and you’ve got one memorable gift.

Wooden play menorah | Cool Mom Picks

Wooden Play Menorah ($35, Modern Tribe)
For younger kids, this is much safer than playing with the real thing–but still best for children old enough not to eat the pieces.

Global Giving Gift Card | Cool Mom Picks

Charity Gift Card from Global Giving (varies)
Charity is such an important aspect of Hanukkah, and a gift card from Global Giving allows a child to select a cause that’s near and dear to his own heart, from animals to the arts to education. Consider giving a card in multiples of $18 to represent Chai.

Thanksgivukkah t-shirt | Cool Mom Picks

Thanksgivukkah T-shirt ($29, Modern Tribe)
It’s Thanksgiving meets Hanukkah meets…Woodstock! (Though presumably your bathrooms will be way cleaner.) While this shirt is so cool on its own, we love that 10% of the proceeds help feed hungry people in need through MAZON. Also available in baby’s bodysuits, and adult sized tees.

Hanukkah Mad Libs | Cool Mom Picks

Hanukkah Mad Libs ($3.49, Amazon affiliate)
An awesome group gift for when everyone’s over dreidel, and a great way to commemorate [number] [adjective] nights of Hanukkah.

Personalized giant Hanukkah cookies | Cool Mom Picks

Personalized Giant Hanukkah Cookies ($34.95/3, Williams-Sonoma)
While you can always make your own, Monaco Baking company does a beautiful job with these baked-from-scratch cookies, and shipping is easy if you’re sending to family in far-off places.

Personalized blue barrette set | Cool Mom Picks

Personalized Blue Barrette Set ($34, Chasing Fireflies)
These pretty handmade accessories feel seasonally festive in blue and white, but they’ll get use all year long.

Hanukkah coloring and activity book | Cool Mom Picks

Handmade dreidel crayons | Cool Mom Picks

Hanukkah Coloring and Activity Book ($5.99, Amazon affiliate) and Handmade Dreidel Crayons ($7.99/8, Naptime Creations By Me)
Most Hanukkah coloring books are kind of average (as are most coloring books in general, frankly), but this one from Emily Sper is a long-time favorite of ours. Pair with some adorable recycled dreidel crayons we found on Etsy.

Gourmet chocolate gelt | Cool Mom Picks

Gourmet Chocolate Gelt ($9/pack of 13, Lake Champlain Chocolates)
For older kids, skip the chalky stuff and indulge in these delicious chocolate coins all handmade in Vermont from one of our favorite artisanal chocolate shops.

Star Wars LEGO mezuzah | Cool Mom Picks

Star Wars LEGO Mezuzah ($45, Modern Tribe)
Okay, coolest Mezuzah ever. Paws down. While there are several characters to choose from, we always suspected Chewbacca might have been Jewish.

Hanukkah cake pops | Cool Mom Picks

Hanukkah Cake Pops ($35, Williams-Sonoma)
These cakes from Sweet Lauren Cakes in San Francisco are simply gorgeous, but not too pretty to eat. Or at least that’s how they look to us. In fact, buy extras for the adults too.

Personalized doctor costume for kids | Cool Mom Picks

Personalized doctor outfit ($44, Chasing Fireflies)
Admit it, we all want a doctor in the family.