I have to admit that I’ve loved wearing cool camouflage clothing and accessories even before they were all over the runways. Now it’s everywhere you look. If you shy away from camouflage because it seems a bit outdoorsy for your taste, you’re not alone. Just ask our Editor Liz, who feels similarly–even though she has an amazing shiny, silk-looking camo t-shirt I’ve always coveted.

But I’m here to show you that camouflage can absolutely be stylish with the right pieces. Just not as a complete outfit–A.K.A. a uniform. Here, eight of my favorite pieces that I think look fabulous and can be worn even after this trend goes back to the pro shops, plus a few suggestions on how to wear them.

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cool camouflage shoes: TOMS camo canvas slip-on shoes
TOMS camo classic canvas slip-on ($53.95 at Nordstrom)

I’m personally not a Classic TOMS wearer, preferring the Botas and Paseo styles myself, but I know the comfort makes them super popular, especially with moms. (Plus of course the buy one/give one feature is pretty awesome too). These TOMS camo classic canvas slip-ons are a cool way to slip (heh) a little bit of this hot pattern into your everyday wardrobe.


cool camouflage clothing: Piperlime Collection camo silk blouse

Washed Silk Camo Blouse ($108 at Piperlime)

This Piperlime Collection camo silk blouse shows how camouflage can actually be dressy. In fact, I had to do a double take to see that this was actually a camouflage patterned shirt. If you’re like me and like to add a little edge to your dressier outfits or want something that’s office appropriate without being a snore, this is definitely it.


cool camouflage accessories: Michael Kors Kala Camouflage infinity scarf
Michael Kors Kala Camouflage infinity scarf ($57.80 at Nordstrom)

I practically live in infinity scarves in the winter, so of course I’ve been eyeing this Michael Kors Kala camouflage infinity scarf for a few weeks now. Apparently I’m not alone–it’s been super popular with our Pinterest followers too. I love this over a white t-shirt or even a denim shirt.


MZ Wallace camo-printed tote
MZ Wallace camo-printed tote
($195 at Shop Bop; plus 25% off with code FAMILY25 for a limited time)

It’s no secret to my friends that I’m obsessed with MZ Wallace and this sweet camo-printed tote bag is no exception. Their bags are amazing quality and the quilting adds the right amount of style so you don’t end up slinging an army fatigues bag.


cool camouflage clothing: J. Crew camo shirt
J. Crew camo shirt ($88 at J. Crew)

Even though a button-up camo shirt is more of a classic piece, I have been searching for the perfect one for over a year now. (I’m not even kidding you). This J. Crew camo shirt is made to fit a woman with a slimmer cut, making it less casual than the bulkier versions I’ve seen–stay away from those unless you want to look like you popped out of an 80’s Molly Ringwald movie. I could easily see this replacing my everyday jean jacket to add some edge to more business-y looks, or wearing it open over a fitted dress to give it a more laid-back vibe. I’d also suggest adding feminine touches like bold jewelry and hot stilettos if you want make it feel dressier, and not like a sign that you’re heading out to the rifle range.


cool camouflage clothing: Camo vintage short sleeve v-neck tee
Camo vintage short sleeve v-neck tee ($10 at Target)

If you’re a little unsure of any trend, and whether it will be around for a while, I look for super affordable options, like this Camo vintage short sleeve v-neck tee at Target. For just $10 is a fun way to hop on the bandwagon without dropping a whole lot of cash. The tee easily pairs with skinny jeans, or for a more daring look, tuck it into a mini skirt with some heels and add a bold necklace. What a fun date night look!


cool camouflage accessories: Bensimon camo zip pocket pouch

Bensimon camo zip clutch pocket
($28 at Shop Bop; use FAMILY25 to save 25% for a limited time)

I really like the daring color palette of this Bensimon camo zip pocket, which makes a fun clutch for a date night or brunch out with friends. Especially for this price. You can even tuck it into a tote to keep some of your stuff organized–just not a camo tote.


cool camouflage shoes: Valentino camouflage pumps
Valentino camouflage pumps ($1175 at Nordstrom)

Hey, if you’ve got a thousand bucks just burning a hole in your pocket, these Valentino camouflage pumps do a pretty good job at making camouflage sexy–which might just be the first time I’ve ever thought of it that way.

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