As much as we’d like to say we always remember to send holiday cards to everyone we know and love, well, that’s a bit of a stretch. Mostly because we’re all swamped with holiday shopping and to-do lists and teacher gifts, and and and… so, we get it. Besides, who actually has every friend’s actual home address in a physical address book anymore? So, yes, sometimes people fall through the cracks. (Sorry!)

But we’re trying to do better. Because if you’re like us, the holidays can be the one time of the year you have the chance to touch base with people in your life and let them know they’re in your hearts, if not on your speed dial. Like, even relatives who aren’t on Facebook (gasp!) or the kids’ former teachers who would probably love seeing just how those little peanuts look now.

New matching holiday envelopes at Minted with your choice of design

So on behalf of our ever-awesome sponsor Minted, we’ve put together a handy list of 21 people you might consider remembering to include when making your holiday card list this year. We’ll help you on that front, but Minted can help you with the actual cards. They always make it so easy to choose and customize the most gorgeous holiday cards, and this season they’re making them even easier to send with the introduction of their new Minted Envelope. It’s not only a gorgeous envelope designs that coordinates with your cards all fancy-like, but they’ll actually do all of the recipient addressing for you,  completely free. Free! At least if you order soon.

Of course you need to create your own holiday card list that makes sense for you. But here are some of the people you might consider remembering this year, even if you haven’t before.

1. Your kids’ coaches. And the assistants too.

2. Your kids’ school teachers, including the aids and any other staff who have gone the extra mile for you.

3. The kids’ former teachers–don’t you think your son’s first pre-K teacher would adore seeing what a handsome fourth-grader he’s become?

4. The room parent for your class who we guarantee is highly under-appreciated.

5. Colleagues at work who deserve a more personal greeting, whether it’s your boss, your assistant, or the awesome security guard who always buzzes you in when you forget your ID card.

6. Your babysitter or caregiver who will love that you took the time to mail a card home, and not just hand it over.

7. Former neighbors you miss.

8. Current neighbors you’d like to stay on good standing with.

9. High school friends who deserve more than a “yo” on Facebook.

10. Your college roommate you haven’t talked to in ages but want an excuse to reconnect with.

11. Internet friends who will be floored to a real life card and not a digital greeting.

12. Your favorite local restaurant, the one that always finds a table for you.

13. Your pediatrician. Plus the nurse who always gives your kids the lollipops after shots.

14. Your accountant, at least if he or she was good to you this past April.

15. Your favorite college professor.

16. Your hair stylist, colorist, or manicurist. You might even send a single card to the whole salon.

17. Those clients and vendors who feel more like friends.

18. Your OB-GYN or midwife–they love seeing how their deliveries have grown!

19. Your stepfamily; step-grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins are family too.

10. Your ex’s parents. From the kids. Because you’re nice.

21. Any person at all who has helped your child go potty, ever.

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Now you’ve got your holiday card list (and gathered those addresses), it’s super easy to order the new Minted Envelope. Just choose your holiday cards and personalize them. Then select a matching envelope design if the card offers one, upload your address list (or input one at a time if it’s easier), and decide who you’d like to receive holiday cards. When you receive your order, all your envelopes come addressed, gorgeous, and ready for stamps.

Pretty sweet.

Thanks so much to our wonderful sponsor Minted for helping us actually get our holiday cards where they’re supposed to go. The Minted Envelope, which includes matching envelope designs and addressing of your cards for free. But hurry! This offer ends soon.