For the last year, I’ve been partnering with American Express, in part because I love Amex (member since forever) and partly because when I see those awesome Tina Fey commercials, I’m now sure we’re really just two degrees from being best friends.

If you’ve seen those ads too, in which she hilarious shares some of the ordinary things she buys on her Amex EveryDay Credit Card, then you might know that when you hit 20 purchases in a month, you could earn double Membership Reward Points on the card. And boy do I like my points. So I thought I’d share my non-famous mom version of my 20.

These are the 20 things I could easily use my Amex card for each month (and often do) just to show you how easy it is to get there.

(Also easy: Skipping my formerly regular ATM visits. Whoo!)

1. Hazelnut Latte. Sorry, just can’t do Pumpkin Spice.

2. Netflix monthly fee. (I’d pay double just for OITNB and House of Cards.)

3. Half-gallon of milk at the corner bodega, usually purchased in sweatpants at 7:06 AM, right after I’ve gone to pour some in my girls’ cereal and realized someone put an empty carton back in the fridge.

4. Metrocard. Required in NYC.


Black Boots | Liz Gumbinner on Instagram @Mom101

5. New black boots which are totally not at all like the other 14 pairs of black boots I own.

6. Pediatric well visit co-pay

7. Toothpaste for the kids.

8. Second tube of toothpaste because I can’t handle another fight about who didn’t get the flavor she wanted.

9. New bra and how the heck did this one stretch out so fast anyway?

10. Umbrella since I’m now out in the 100% CHANCE OF SHOWERS that was predicted, and yet I always think the morning weather forecast somehow doesn’t apply to me.

NY TImes Crossword | Liz Gumbinner @mom101 Instagram

11. Sunday Times, because I still have to do the crossword in real pen, in the real magazine.

12. New soles for black boots. (Not the ones I just bought.)

13.  Groceries, including all four of the foods my youngest daughter eats these days.

14. Phone bill. Thank goodness for auto-pay with my Amex.

15. Something on a flash sale site that’s now 80% off.

16. Ibuprofen, Godzilla-sized bottle.

17. Immediate fulfillment of sudden salted caramel gelato craving. (Sense a theme?)

Bookshelf of children's books| Liz Gumbinner on Instagram @Mom101

Reading | Liz Gumbinner Instagram @mom101

18. Purchase at school book fair, because children can never have too many books.

19. Fresh flowers from the deli.

20. One Candy Crush Lollipop Hammer. Don’t judge me.

If you make 20 purchases–any purchases at all–on yourAmex EveryDay Credit Card, you too get double the Membership Rewards Points redeemable for many good things. Thanks to my partner Amex for sponsoring this post. I love you, man.


Top photo: visualpanic via compfight cc; all other photos © Liz Gumbinner via @mom101 on Instagram