When I first moved to New York City I quickly realized that good shoes and socks are a must in this town of walking, walking, walking.  Since then I have become something of a sock connoisseur. Seriously. I need socks that are stylish, comfortable and, of course, warm. Our newest find, Mitscoots socks give me all that, and then they give more.

US-made Mitscoots socks (who does that anymore?) were conceived from the founders’ time volunteering with the homeless in Austin. They created a company that’s more than the buy one/donate one model we love–they added the idea of employment to the equation. Which means they work with several organizations to employ the homeless, and then for each pair of their gorgeous, comfy socks you purchase, they donate a pair to people in need.

That’s a whole lot of making the world better for a little sock company.

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Mitscoots socks: Comfortable, stylish, with a great charitable mission

Mitscoots socks for women (and men) are a cool way to give back

Mitscoots socks: Affordable gifts that give back

In addition to all the good will, these really are awesome socks–super comfy, durable and fun. At $14.99 a pair for adults (great men’s socks too!) and $9 for kids, I’m thinking they’d make a great stocking stuffer–especially given the quality and their mission. I favor the tall patterned casual socks but the runner in me fully appreciates the active socks and moisture-wicking performance socks socks as well.

I will say the large, prominently-placed logo on the side isn’t normally our thing, but there are plenty of sport socks with logos out there and at least these say something about the wearer besides the fact that you just do it.

Psst…they’d also pair well with some hot new boots for someone high on your gift list this holiday season–just in case someone who loves me a lot is reading this.

Mitscoots socks offers 20% off your first order when you sign up for their mailing list, and free shipping on orders over $30.