For some reason, finding cool eyewear at decent prices is one of the great impossibilities of our time. Sure, you can clip coupons for the discount optometrist in the mall, but you’ll never find affordable, straight-from-Paris frames or those to-die-for vintage shades. That’s why we’re such big fans of this online company with seriously sweet eyewear and a mission we love.

The philosophy behind Ivory + Mason is similar to so many other products that give back, most notably Warby Parker.  You get gorgeous eyewear, fair prices, and for every pair of frames you buy, they’ll give a pair to a child with impaired vision. (Hey, you can never have too many do-gooding companies out there.)

But what we’re especially happy to hear is that now Ivory + Mason has partnered with the amazing LA charity Baby2Baby, which distributes new and gently used items to underprivileged kids in need. Just buy their (gorgeous) signature pair of green frames in either the optical style or as sunglasses for a limited time, and Ivory + Mason will donate a package of diapers to Baby2Baby.

Doesn’t that just make you feel great?

Baby2Baby optical and sunglasses frames ($95-125) will be available September 19-December 19, 2013 exclusively at Ivory + Mason.