We’re big fans of the Lottie doll line here at Cool Mom Picks. She looks like a real kid, has cool adventures, and encourages girls to be themselves, whether they dream of being pirates, soccer pros, or lighthouse keepers. So you can imagine our excitement when we learned about her new pal Finn, the first boy doll in the line.

Lottie boy doll Finn is all set to join Branksea Festival Lottie dressed in a Kite Festival outfit, or dress him up in a Gone Fishing outfit for next year’s Shark Week.

What’s refreshing to me as a mom is that Finn comes with no guns, daggers, or weapons of any kind–just fun accessories. Plus like Lottie, he has a body like regular kids. We’re not talking Ken or G.I. Joe, here; he actually looks like a real little boy. (Although some of us do see a little Chuckie resemblance, we must admit.)

I think our daughters who are already fans of Lottie will love him–girls like playing with more than girl dolls–but I think it’s especially nice for the gents to have an option for a boy doll who looks more like them than a Steroided-out muscle man.

Finn: The new Lottie boy doll is ready for Shark Week in this outfit!

I think my favorite Finn feature, though, is that Finn’s clothes fit Lottie, too. He comes dressed in cargo shorts, t-shirt, a cool puffer vest and sneakers and does the same kinds of active fun activities that she does. In fact, if he wants to borrow Lottie’s floral headband for the festival, there’s no stopping him–or my kids–from making that happen either.

Find the new  Lottie boy doll, Finn, along with Lottie and all their accessories at the Lottie website, or at our affiliate Amazon.

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