I’m closing in on seven months pregnant and the chill in the air is leaving me with the dilemma: Do I buy a winter maternity coat when all I want is to make my own super cozy coat work for the few months I will really need it? I love all of the maternity wear we feature here, but instead of buying something totally new, I think I’ve found a smart alternative with Make My Belly Fit, makers of a smart coat extender for pregnant women.

Created by a dad in Montreal who thought there had to be a better alternative than giving up his own winter coat to cover his wife’s expanding belly every time they went out, this zip-in wind and water-resistant fabric panel expands your own coat’s coverage through your pregnancy and beyond. They have obviously done their research–the personalized survey they take of your coat and zipper dimensions is detailed, but it’s worth it to ensure that you receive the correct adapter to cover up that bump.

The extender is definitely on the roomy side, so while it’s a literal stretch (ha) to zip my coat now, to be sure, this will suit you best in those final months. In fact at seven months, I may even wait a few more weeks for the panel to make it into regular rotation with my own coats.

Make My Belly Fit maternity coat extender
I do like that can also use the extender after pregnancy for baby wearing. If I’m rocking a baby carrier I can simply zip this over the baby and me to keep us both warm

At $60, yes, it’s the price of some coats to begin with. But it is a far more affordable option than the nicer maternity coats–and way more reasonable than that black tie formal maternity dress I had to shell out for already. Too bad I can’t just extend all of my pre-maternity wardrobe. But don’t we all say that?

Zip on over to Make My Belly Fit to see what maternity coat extender is best for you.