Santa may have a team of elves working for him (not to mention a name-taking Mrs. who pretty much keeps the whole show together), but the rest of us are running on fumes by Christmas Eve, and with little back up to boot. Still, cookies must be made. Because once every gift is finally in order, right before the lights go out, Santa (ahem) needs a snack. Any one of these 5 easy Christmas cookie recipes can be made without stress at the very last minute for a perfect treat for Santa.


Easy Christmas cookie recipes: Chewy Gingerbread cookies | One Hungry Mama

Gingerbread Cookies
I was not born with the cookie decorating gene, so the mention of gingerbread cookies used to make me shudder. That is, until I developed this simple Chewy Gingerbread Cookie recipe, which you can find at my site One Hungry Mama. This cookie eats like a classic chewy chocolate chip cookie, but with all the flavor of classic holiday gingerbread. When I have time, I top these with a lemon icing, but they’re just as good without.


Easy Christmas cookie recipes: Palmiers | i am food blog

Palmiers can be quite labor intensive if you make the pastry dough from scratch. But if you use store bought puff pastry, well, then you’re looking at one of the easiest cookies you’ll ever make. This Palmier recipe at i am food blog requires you to do nothing more than sprinkle puff pastry with sugar, fold, cut and bake.

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Easy Christmas cookie recipes: Chewy Brown Sugar cookies | Sally's Baking Addiction

Sugar Cookies
These simple Chewy Brown Sugar Cookies from Sally’s Baking Addiction not only sound delicious, but you don’t even need a mixer to make them! Traditional soft-baked cookies don’t get easier than this.


Easy Christmas cookie recipes: Double Chocolate Florentines | Seasons and Suppers

You may think that these Double Chocolate Almond Florentines from Seasons and Suppers are too gorgeous to be easy, but you’d be wrong. To make these, all you need are six ingredients, one bowl, and a wooden spoon. Plus, these tasty bites are naturally gluten-free and without added fat. You know, in case Santa is watching his (or her?) waistline.


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Easy Christmas cookie recipes: Mexican Wedding cookies | Deb's Recipes

Mexican Wedding Cookies
These Mexican Wedding Cookies are from our collection of favorite Christmas cookies from around the world. Most of the other cookies on our list take some advanced planning or time. (Time? What’s that?) These are different: They prep in 15 minutes and walnuts are the most exotic item on the short ingredients list.


Easy Christmas cookie recipes: Shortcut using Walkers Shortbread Festive Shapes

Bonus: If having to turn on your oven means that the recipe is too hard, there is still hope! This easy Christmas cookie shortcut shared by Christina is pure genius. You just need time to hit the store for Walkers shortbread.

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