Like shopping for new school supplies in the fall, I absolutely love¬†getting a beautiful new calendar each January.¬†It’s a blank slate spread out before me for the coming year, with¬†so much opportunity.¬†While I’ll definitely buy a printed calendar¬†with space to fill in family activities, I also spent time weeding through all those¬†ho-hum printable calendar templates out there, and¬†tracking down¬†some¬†of the best printable 2015 calendars. I love each of these¬†cool calendars so much,¬†I just may have one in my kitchen, in the office, ¬†on my¬†bedside table…can you tell I’m obsessed?


Be Happy 2015 printable calendar from Colour Moon

Sometimes I need a good pep talk to conquer my to-do list, and the Be Happy Today printable calendar from Colour Moon (also at top) is cheering me right up. The peppy, positive, but never sappy mantras on each month’s page,¬†like Enjoy Today and Love Who You Are.¬†will keep me thinking good thoughts all year long. ($10, one page per month)


Masquerade Illustrated printable 2015 calendar by Ireneagh
Last year I was swooning over the fairy tale women featured in Ireneagh‚Äôs printable desk calendar, and this year she found inspiration with¬†a cool masquerade theme for¬†her 2015 Printable Illustrated Calendar. It’s available as an¬†instant download at her Etsy shop in both English and Italian, and the line for notes at the bottom of each page is a nice touch.¬†($9.24, one page per month)


Fantastic vintage camera printable 2015 calendar by Caravan Shoppe
I’m always impressed with the art I see over at Caravan Shoppe, and their printable 2015 Camera Calendar is one of my favorites yet. Just know that Mike Loveland’s illustrations of classic cameras might set you off on a hunt for your own vintage Leica. ($5.00, one page per month)


Printable 2015 calendar on Etsy, featuring modern typography

If you’re a typography fan, check out the 2015 printable desk calendar from new Etsy shop 51FIVEdesigns. At just 4×5″ they’d look amazing all strung up together with clothespins on a piece of twine, or pinned to a¬†single bulletin board in a row. Or, just prop them one at a time against a mini easel and just lose yourself in the gorgeous colors and design. ($5, one page per month)



Customizable Minimalist printable 2015 calendar by Empapers
Save money on belated birthday cards with this customizable Minimalist Printable Wall Calendar by Empapers. Birthdays are highlighted on the left side of the calendar (my kids would probably explode with excitement to see their names and birthdays there), so you have a way to remember the important ones besides Facebook alerts. Also, I like that holidays are included here too. ($10, one page per month)


Printable 2015 Space Invaders calendar! Or is it 1979?

Rejoice, ye retro gamers, for this 2015 printable Space Invaders calendar¬†from Australia’s Paper2Download will take you back to 1979. And yet the design is all 21st century. So fun.¬†($5, one page per month)


French language printable 2015 calendar by Zulagerie
For you Francophiles, I think this¬†French Printable 2015 Calendar from the Zugalerie blog is just beautiful. The design is so whimsical, with a decent amount of¬†space for¬†appointments and to-do items. On the upside, it’s free! On the other¬†hand, you do have to return to the blog at the beginning of each new month to get the next page.¬†(free, one page per month)


Sweet New Year printable 2015 calendar by Eat Drink Chic
If you have a sweet tooth, check out EatDrinkChic’s irresistible Sweet New Year 2015 calendar. The gorgeous color palate and charming modern dessert designs are tempting, but at just $2 for a download, this is a treat I can afford. ($2, one page per month)


Printable single-page 2015 geometric calendar from the Mademoiselle Eyo Etsy shop

There are tons of cool printable calendar designs at the Mademoiselle Eyo Etsy shop, but we have our eyes on this fun, geometric printable 2015 calendar. And if you prefer a single-page calendar, you can find the same design in that format too. ($7, your choice of page per month or single page)



Free printable 2015 calendar from Design is Yay

Over at the¬†Design is Yay blog, you can find this¬†free printable 2015 calendar¬†which is also available as a planner or digital desktop wallpaper. Just sign up for Wita’s¬†email list, adorably called the BFF Club.¬†¬†Or if your kids (or you) loved her¬†2014 Year of Colour printable calendar, you‚Äôre in luck. Wita¬†has revised the dates for 2015.¬†(free, one page per¬†month)


Where the Wild Things Are printable 2015 calendar by Febystan
One of our favorites last year, the Wild Thing Printable Wall Art Calendar by Febystan, is back this year in your choice of 20 colors. I love this above a child’s desk. Heck, I love it above my desk. ($5.75, one page per year)


Less is more with the Mid-Century Modern printable 2015 calendar by Design by Detail
In a¬†lovely example of¬†less is more, I love this Mid-Century Modern printable calendar by Design by Detail. The playful colors and fonts make this calendar perfect for a kid’s room, or a sophisticated mid-century workspace with primary color accents. ($5.00, one page per year)


Totoro illustrated printable 2015 calendar by Artcvya
We‚Äôre loyal¬†fans of Hayao Miyazaki‚Äôs films¬†around here, and Totoro is one of our favorites. So how¬†can we resist this awesome¬†Totoro wall calendar by Artcyva? I think this is the one that will be hung prominently in my kids’ homework area, so they can be sure they don’t miss any important assignment due dates. Or soot sprites.¬†($8.00, one page¬†per year)

Check out our¬†favorite 2015 calendars, too. Because maybe like you, we¬†can’t choose just one!