Lately, I love the idea of my dinner table feeling coordinated but not entirely matchy-matchy. And then I saw these gorgeous handmade cloth napkins at the Shapes Colors Etsy shop and thought, yes! Just like that!

The artist, San Francisco mom Samantha Cisneros, screenprints them each by hand with bright, colorful, eco-friendly ink in colors like fuchsia, milt, and cobalt. And while you can buy them each individually–or a set that matches–I kind of like the idea of having all six that are different.

Linen Cloth Napkins handprinted by Etsy's Shapes Colors

It’s a nice way to brighten the table during the winter blahs (that’s an actual thing) or a cool hostess gift to keep on hand. Although for me, it’s the kind of thing I’d buy for someone else then have trouble parting with it. Though hey, if you love the design, grab a tea towel for someone else and keep the napkins for yourself. There’s lots in this shop to love.

Find handprinted textiles like cloth napkins and tea towels at the Shapes Colors Etsy shop.