There’s nothing sexier than leaky boobs, am I right, breastfeeding mamas? Not. Having popped out a newborn just weeks ago, I’m currently leakier than a broken faucet and have already been in a few un-sexy, publicly embarrassing situations due to insufficiently absorbent nursing pads. Well, if your itchy disposable pads consistently fail you like mine do, it’s time to check out Cake Maternity’s CupCake washable nursing pads.

Made from organic cotton, CupCake nursing pads are machine washable and customizable depending on your milk flow. The outer layer wicks away and transfers moisture to the inner cotton hemp fleece layer to keep you feeling dry. The pads are so soft they provide almost a cooling effect against your skin which as any breastfeeding mom will likely agree is major relief for your hardworking boobs.

Washable nursing pads that are organic, too! | CupCake

Cake Maternity's Organic Cotton CupCake Washable Nursing Pads

Given the eco-friendly nature of these washable nursing pads and how comfy they are to wear, I’d say they’re definitely worth trying out and would make a great gift for any nursing mom. But there are a few things you may want to keep in mind before you give them a shot. You will almost surely need to double up on the insertable hemp liners (especially for overnight use), which is no big deal, that’s why they allow you to insert more than one in the nursing pad. These pads aren’t the slimmest ones out there but I suppose that’s due in part to their absorbent material. Also, you’ll want to buy multiple sets so you’ll have a backup when you throw one pair in the wash. After all, your boobs don’t take breaks so neither can your nursing pads, right? Happy nursing!

CupCake organic washable nursing pads retail for $16.90 for two pairs at


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