A little secret about me: I am a serious romantic. I’d always rather get a heartfelt card for Valentine’s Day–or any day, really–than even a box of fancy chocolates or some sexy lingerie. But if you’re looking for a cool Valentine’s gift for a special lady that offers two out of three, you’ll find it with the clever, brand new, Hidden Love Letter Panties from lingerie company Naja.

You specify some sweet (or racy) words of love, and provided your special message is 35 characters or less, they’ll print the note on the inside of a pair of navy or red-hot red panties. And don’t worry, there’s no hashtag or social media icons on there as shown in the photo above; they’ll print whatever you’d like. I get the sense that means…anything. Let your mind go.

Yep, even that.

It’s okay, I won’t tell anyone.


Martina Low Rise Jazzy Custom Love Letter Panties by Naja

Custom Love Letter Panties by Naja
Or hey, maybe you get a pair for yourself as a special gift for your own partner. I can imagine the myriad ways it can be uh…presented and unwrapped.

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If you’re not familiar with Naja, it’s a cool site to check out for other gift options too, if just for yourself. They make really beautifully crafted pima cotton underthings, all made by single mothers who learn marketable skills through the company. And none of the items are a fortune, either. Well, except for the custom Love Letter Panties. For a bigger splurge, you can even get a bralette to match.

Maybe by next year Naja will offer edible chocolate panties with your custom message written on it. Not sure if that would be quite as practical, but it sure would nail three of my favorite gifts at once.

Shop Valentine’s Day lingerie gifts at Naja lingerie and find the custom Hidden Love Letter Panties featuring your custom message on the inside.  Just be sure to order by January 20 so they arrive in time for Valentine’s Day. Also, subscribe to their newsletter and get 10% off your first order.