My kids have a slipper thing. I have no idea when or how it started, but they are obsessed, and very, very picky. This one is too slippery…that one is warm but scratchy... You can’t imagine how many we try and never bother to buy–or recommend here. But now, remarkably, they’ve found another pair that meets their high standards: Glerups. Made from 100% pure felted sheeps wool with calfskin soles, these traditional Danish kids slippers look as unfussy and cozy as they feel.

Plus, it’s fun to say. Glerups. Glerups. Glerups. 

They have that kind of Scandinavian styling that I’ve always liked — structured but not austere, comfy but not crunchy. And I love the company’s commitment to the environment and their use of natural dyes.  Just know that Glerups are more like soft-soled boots than scrunchy slippers, and built to last. As you can imagine, that puts them on the spendy side. But wow, what a good investment if you spend tons of time in slippers like we do.

And hey, they cost less than buying two pairs of cheap ones that my kids won’t wear at all.

Glerups Danish slippers for kids and adults: Toasty!

Glerups US: Danish slippers from natural sheeps wool

Just be aware they’re not stretchy like American baby booties, or squishy like moccasins, so they will take a little more effort for your kids to wiggle their heels in. But on the plus side, the slippers are not popping off all day. As in, no one is yelling at you to help put their slippers back on all day.

The other plus: Glerups are made for adults too, in even more styles and colors. I could totally see living in these all winter long, straight into spring. Or at least until the bathroom tiles aren’t such a shock to my bare feet in the morning.

Find beautifully crafted Danish kids slippers and baby slippers for pre-walkers from Glerups, plus lots of adult styles too. Oddly, there’s no kid’s size chart on the site, but it pretty much follows standard Euro conversions and they’re very true to size. Thanks to the company for sending a pair to CMP for review.