They say it’s all in a name and the name here is your own kid’s. Well, that plus Robeez. As long time fans of the baby shoe brand that rose from start-up to Stride-Rite, it’s no surprise that we are all ogling over their perfectly adorable new monogrammed Robeez soft sole baby shoes.

It was early on with my first child that I discovered and fell hard for Robeez.  First because they were the only shoes that would fit over her rather plump tootsies (got to love that elastic ankle). And second, for the huge array of fun styles. I find this new monogram design so smart.  I mean, what new parent wouldn’t want personalized leather and suede shoes that are this affordable? Plus, when you haven’t slept and the coffee isn’t working, maybe the letter will help tip you off in getting the kid’s names straight.

New monogrammed Robeez baby shoes. Cute!

Available for size 6-12 months they come as blue baby shoes with stripes and, or pink baby shoes with polka-dots and a fancy bow. Which are cute, but we’re still rooting for a few more gender-neutral options. Though knowing Robeez, there will be 67 more before we know it.

Find the new monogrammed Robeez soft sole baby shoes exclusively on their website.

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