I’ve coveted the beautiful personalized jewelry by Monica Rich Kosann ever since we first discovered it years ago, but the new Poesy rings in her ever-growing array of keepsake jewelry are probably my favorite yet, and just in time for Valentine’s Day.

I’ve admittedly become a bit more sentimental in my old age, which is probably why I just love the idea behind this new collection of  gorgeous rings with a message inside. They’re based on a 500-year-old tradition of exchanging rings containing poetic inscriptions with friends, family, and lovers.

These particular pieces have short, sweet messages of love,  encouragement, or friendship, all crafted in silver, gold, or rose gold, and some with precious stones too. I like how they’re hung on a beautiful chain so the inscription can be seen, but of course you can wear them on your fingers. Since they are rings and all.

Poesy Rings by Monica Rich Kosann: Such a beautiful Valentine's Day gift

Poesy Rings by Monica Rich Kosann: Beautiful keepsake jewelry for Valentine's Day


The silver “I love you more” ring starts at $130 and they go way (way) up from there. Not only do they make a truly special gift and a thoughtful keepsake, but it’s something, like a charm bracelet, that you could continue adding to for years to come, then pass along to your kids. Or even your grandkids. I think they’re just that timeless.

You can purchase the Poesy rings on the Monica Rich Kosann website with free shipping on all orders.