When I took my son to the American Museum of Natural History in NYC last summer, I realized that I’d forgotten¬†how full of fun and wonder museums can be. The fab collection of museum-inspired science t-shirts for kids from J. Crew for AMNH¬†is bringing it all back–for him and for me.

The¬†six designs are largely gender neutral and integrate fun science facts. How long are a T. Rex’s¬†teeth? What will you find in the Hall of Gems? I’m not going to tell you.¬†But the shirts can lead you to the answers.


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Science t-shirts for kids inspired by the AMNH

Science t-shirts for kids: Cool dino tee by J. Crew for AMNH

Science t-shirts for kids: Six minutes to mars from J Crew + Museum of Natural History


I especially¬†like how the¬†Olive and Dino Tee (middle photo) blends the coolness of dinosaurs with the fun of being a girl who digs that kind of stuff, all¬†without resorting to dousing the shirt in pink and glitter. That’s a sign of a smart collaboration. That said, how about a little diversity in the models, AMNH? It’s not just white kids who like science or cool tees.

J.Crew for AMNH science t-shirts for kids are available now in the AMNH shop for $32-$38. Proceeds from the sale of shirts support the museum.