It’s pretty easy to find a teddy bear that my kids will love. Cute and stuffed? Check. But finding one that I love for them is a bit trickier. Bears for Humanity is a winner for all of us.

My favorite thing about Bears for Humanity is their buy one, give one business model which husband and wife team Vijay and Renju Prathap modeled after TOMS. Each purchase means an equal bear—not some cheaper facsimile–goes to one of their U.S. partner organizations, like Toys for Tots, pediatric cancer org Expect Miracles, and Save the Children, all to brighten up another child’s day. Beyond that, Bears for Humanity hits so many of my buttons, like being made of soft, cuddly, 100% organic faux fur, and stuffed with totally squishable, recycled polyfill.


Bears for Humanity I Love You heart for Valentine's Day

Bears for Humanity | buy one, one is donated to US children's charities

This civic-minded mama is also thrilled that each bear is assembled in Northern California in partnership with CalWorks. So, not only is my  purchase helping a child in need, it’s also helping families by providing jobs in the community. Pretty big accomplishments for one little bear.

Bears for Humanity’s “buy one/give one” organic teddy bears are available for $39.99 for larger bears with poseable limbs and $19.99 for smaller ones in various colors. Also check out their new accessories, including a bow tie, tee shirt, heart, and bib, all made from 100% certified organic cotton.