My kids tend to like a lunch made up of several snack-sized options, which can be such a pain to pack. And certainly no fun when they get home with a bunch of little containers for me to clean out. And while their bigger-kid appetites might be too large to be contained in the clever Bentgo Kids portable lunch box, those of you with younger grazers will appreciate this smart, easy-to-pack, dishwasher-safe container.

Bentgo Kids makes the compartmentalization that we love about bento lunch box systems a little more kid-friendly. The one-piece molded tray is just perfect for half a sandwich or a small salad, plus three other fruit, veggie, or snack treats, plus a little dipping well for salad dressing or my kids’ favorite condiment, ketchup.

(Also, America’s favorite vegetable. Don’t forget.)

While little fingers can open the lid’s molded silicone seal, I find it keeps wetter foods like a fruit cup or soup to themselves. And I know this because I shook the heck out of a closed Bentgo Kids lunch box. We all know that meal time would be over if the pretzel sticks got soggy, right?

Bentgo Lunch Box for kids: Easy to clean, pack, and keep food separated

The removable bento insert can reportedly go into the microwave for a minute to heat up soup or leftover spaghetti–though we don’t really recommend plastic in the microwave. And since your kids’ foods will be up close and personal with the molded plastic of the lunch box, you’ll be glad to know that there’s no BPA, vinyl, lead, or PVC to get onto their PB&J or buttered noodles.

Bentgo Kids Lunch Box comes in purple, green, and blue and is available at the Bentgo Kids’ website