You don’t see many little girls sporting knee socks these days unless they’re paired with a pleated skirt and collared shirt as part of a school uniform. But when younger girls catch a glimpse of these adorable fox and raccoon socks from Little Circus, I imagine they’ll be begging to wear their cute knee socks every day, creating a sort of unofficial daily uniform of their own.

With tiny ears peeking out from the cuffs and cute little animal faces, these knee socks are perfect for dress-up time or just regular getting dressed. Of course they’d be sofun with classic Mary Janes, but I’d like to see them worn with tall Wellies or winter boots for an unexpected twist.

I even love the idea of layering the knee socks over tights while we’re still digging our way out of winter. I only wish they came in sizes larger than 5-6! Wouldn’t woodland creature-loving tweens love these too?

Cute knee socks featuring woodlnad creatures from Little Circus

Fox Pocketbook from Little Circus to match their cute knee socks

Cute knee socks for girls with matching raccoon handbag | Little Circus

And for the mini-fashionista who adheres to the belief that shoes–well, socks–should match one’s purse, Little Circus sells coordinating fox and raccoon pocketbooks too. These animal bags are perfect for toting everyday essentials, which, for a little girl, will probably include a barrette, some stickers and a random lego. As I said: Essentials.

Visit Little Circus to shop for fox and raccoon knee socks and pocketbooks, then browse our archives for more playful kids’ clothing.