Traveling with kids to fun places is almost always worth the schlep it takes to get there. But trying to rush through a crowded airport with a child or two in tow can put a damper on our enthusiasm quicker than you can say They moved our gate where? For a while, there have been a few cool ride-on suitcase options for kids, like the trunki, but now there’s what may be the smartest one of all.

Frequent flyer families need to check out Lugabug, which makes carting your kids through an airport as easy as rolling your luggage. Mainly because your kids roll along on your luggage.

Lugabug is a fully collapsible, portable travel chair that attaches to the front of a suitcase quickly and easily to turn any wheelie bag into a ride-on suitcase. Kids as young as two, and up to 70 pounds  just sit, attach the optional seat belt, and you’re off. Although it’s probably best for parents of toddlers, considering our 40-something pound grade-schoolers are usually pretty capable of walking on their own.

Then, when you get to your gate, Lugabug closes flat if you want to keep it attached and stash it in the overhead, or take it off and pop it inside your luggage.

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Lugabug converts any suitcase into a ride-on suitcase for children


Lugabug converts any bag into a ride-on suitcase for toddlers


This smart, why-didn’t-I-think-of-this device is a Kickstarter campaign, and the brainchild of Seattle parents Jon and Jennie Helman. We’ve known Jennie for years as the tutu-wearing bass player for kindie favorite, The Not-Its! and now she and her husband, along with their three product-testing children, have come up with such a cool and easy way to get around while traveling, we’re really rooting for their Kickstarter campaign to succeed in the next ten days.

Faster, easier travel with kids? Yes, please. I’d like the glow from vacation to last as long as possible.

Support the Lugabug Child Travel Chair on Kickstarter by February 27 and get some pretty sweet deals for being an early adopter.