We can’t tell you how many questions we get here at Cool Mom Picks asking us for helpful travel tips for traveling with kids, so I was pretty thrilled when Citi asked me to put together my favorite travel tips together in a video series. Especially since I’ve traveled a lot. With four kids.


(I know!)

So here, I’m sharing my best family packing tips and trust us me, traveling alone with four kids all without checking bags tends to make one pretty good at such things. I’m hoping there are a few here you haven’t even considered before.

Don’t miss my other videos too, like the coolest road trip ideas or smart tips for traveling lighter, all of which I promise are helpful and short. (I’m a busy parent too. I get it.) Plus, my kids get a cameo which they kind o f like.

Here’s hoping they make preparing for your next road trip or plane trip much easier and maybe even more enjoyable for everyone. Isn’t that what a vacation is supposed to be, anyway?

Got any favorite travel tips of your own? Leave them in the comments – we’re always open to great ones from our readers.

Thanks to our sponsor Citi and their helpful Travel Smart service, which really does make traveling alone or with your family so much easier. This way, you can actually focus on your vacation and let them do all the worrying. 

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