Most preschoolers can tell you that M is for Monkey and N is for Nut, but a hip preschooler may know that those letters also stand for Moustache and Narwhal. Since I’m pretty sure my three year old doesn’t, I’ve got my eye on this Hipster ABC matching tile set that should increase his cool cred faster than he can say, “The glasses-wearing narwhal played ping pong in a log cabin.”

Mostly because he’ll first want to know what the heck a narwhal is.

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I love children’s toys that speak to my own design sensibilities and I get a a good chuckle from these lovely tiles from Chicago’s tiny, wonderful Tree Hopper Toys.

I’m not sure hatchet is the most kid-friendly choice for the letter H, but I suppose you’d need one to build that log cabin for the letter L. And hey, teaching moment.

Hipster ABC matching tiles set for kids, with worlds like Moustache, Unicorn, and Ping Pong

Hipster ABC Matching Tiles Set: N is for Narwhal


From a developmental perspective, I like that each letter-word pair also features a uniquely patterned background, so little ones will know when they’ve made a match. As a parent, I like that you can extend the life of them by flipping them upside down to make a memory game. And in true hipster fashion, this ABC matching tile set is made from handcrafted, earth-friendly, sustainable American hardwood.

So there’s a lot to love her. Or, to <3.
[Editor’s Note: Of course true hipsters may differ on some of the word choices–shouldn’t that C for Camera really be L for Leica? And Xi Gong might be more hip than X-Rays, unless of course that X-Ray was earned from a nasty parkour accident. And we can hardly believe that K isn’t for Kale. But then, I could argue that the ironic sharing of Kitten GIFs is still a hipster pastime. -L]

The Hipster ABC Matching Tile Set will ship April 1st. Preordering now also gets you’ll also get a limited edition $15 Tree Hopper Toys wooden jigsaw puzzle, which is a great deal. .