On Cool Mom Tech today, we covered the big honkin’ official Oscars site, which has, among other things, a really cool feature worth browsing should you want to kill a few minutes today: 52 Oscar nominees sharing their stories, briefly, through questionnaires.

From Robert Duvall to Julianne Moore, Patricia Arquette, Keira Knightly, and lots of the creators, writers, and technical masters behind other top flicks, you can find out their first movie memories, the artists that inspire them, the motivation for doing what they do, and (a little goofy but) the song that best sums up their feelings about the nomination.

It’s kind of cool to learn that the Shawn Patterson, composer of Everything is Awesome is inspired by everyone from Thelonius Monk to Queen; Robert Duvall confesses that his parents pushed him into acting; and that Hugo Guinness, screenwriter of Grand Budapest Hotel, answered that he does what he does because “Wes Anderson told me to.”


Robert Duval and other nominee's Oscars questionnaire. Cool.

Patricia Arquette Oscars Questionnaire

Of course it’s not all the deep, there aren’t as many actors as you’d probably like to see, and it’s all a little Academy back-patting; but to be honest, these are the questions I wish some of the great artists of Hollywood would answer on the red carpet. There’s a whole lot of creativity and inspiration walking into the Kodak Theater tonight, and they have a lot more wisdom to impart to us besides, “Who are you wearing?”

Check out the Oscars site for a look at questionnaires filled out by top 2015 Oscars nominees.