Parents of picky eaters, rejoice! The solution to your dinnertime drama might be as simple as a personalized plate… and a cookie cutter. Little Me personalized plates and dress-up cutters for kids are designed to inspire creativity with food, but I’ve found them to be extremely helpful in getting my son to simply eat his dinner. Turns out chicken nuggets are infinitely more exciting when served next to an illustration resembling your child, and that my son’s spinach cakes actually get eaten when they’re cut into the shape of pants and a shirt.

Well, mostly.

We still haven’t had a dinner that doesn’t end with me begging him to take just three more bites of whatever it is he’s refusing to eat, but at least we’ve got the first few bites covered.

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Personalized plates for kids at Dylbug with dress-up cutters to help kids eat their dinners

Little Me personalized plates and dress up cutters

Personalized plates for kids with dress-up cutters at Dylbug


There’s a pretty decent selection of possible hair colors, styles, eye color, and four skin tones. With his messy bangs and blue eyes, the little boy I customized on my own plate actually does resemble my son. The cutter, which is hand-wash only (though we recommend hand-washing the melamine plate as well), actually works well. But know that it’s not like you’ll be able to make all these examples really easily. In fact I do wish the shirt and pants were separate to make it easier to mix and match food–for the sake of variety and, you know, fashion.

Speaking of fashion, it ‘s nice that the cutters are interchangeable, and personalized plates for girls don’t only feature a dress-shaped cutter. I know plenty of little ladies who would like to wear a pair of pizza pants.

Little Me personalized plates for kids are available at Dylbug available for both boys and girls While there, be sure to check out the adorable stop-motion videos of creative ways to use the plates. Thanks to the company for sending one for review.