With a seven-year-old who has yet to outgrow the My Little Pony obsession, I’ve conceded. All things being equal, I realize I’d rather her hide in her room with her friends role-playing stories about¬†friendship and teamwork than whatever it is other cartoons are teaching–or not teaching. (Ahem, Sponge Bob.). So of course she flipped¬†out, in a shriek-til-your-eardrums-bleed kind of way, when she first saw these My Little Pony Rainbow Dash slip-on shoes.

(Update: This style shown no longer available, but visit the website for a full selection of My Little Pony sneakers for kids.)

The design is pretty great, with a Vans-style shoe featuring details like little rainbow ribbon tabs in the back to mimic a tail. ¬†I seriously hope they come out with other characters too — my daughter puts in a request for Fluttershy — but I can see where Rainbow Dash pretty much checks all the boxes for young MLP-obsessed kids.

There’s also a more¬†athletic My Little Pony sneaker¬†which offers more support along with¬†those Velcro closures parents have¬†come to worship. And remarkably, they both run really true to size which never seems to be the case when I order shoes online for my daughter these days. Must be magic. The magic of friendship, and talking ponies, and accurate Stride-Rite sizing charts.

My Little Pony shoes for kids in 2 styles

Sorry adult bronies: the slip-ons¬†only go up to a child’s size 1.

Find the My Little Pony Rainbow Dash slip-on shoes and two other styles of My Little Pony shoes for kids at Stride-Rite starting at $40. Thanks to the company for sending CMP a pair for review.