Suddenly I get all of Delilah’s posts about making coffee with a Chemex and how every drop of effort is worth every drop of coffee you get; at least ever since my unexpected turn (if you ask those who know me best)  from K-Cup coffee drinker to full-fledged coffee devotee. I never thought I’d say things like “wow, the crema on that espresso is really amazing.” And yes, I know it sounds kind of douchey so I don’t say it out loud when actual people are around.

Because I’m also picky about good design, I have to give huge props to these three artists who prove that the ubiquitous coffee poster art that I see everywhere, and great typography, are not mutually exclusive. I mean, just because the saying is great, doesn’t mean it deserve a treasured space on your kitchen wall above the Breville, right?

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Without coffee there would be chaos and darkness: Printable artwork

I happen to love this Without Coffee There Would Be Chaos print. Isn’t the design fun? It’s made by graphic designer Fingerprint Tree GE on Etsy.

I Like Big Cups... | Coffee Poster Art by Noodlehug

Caffeine: It's a Food Group | Coffee poster art by Noodlehug

I Like Big Cups still sticks in my mind as a great Cool Mom Picks find from last year, and when I saw it in a favorite coffee shop recently, it made me smile. It’s designed by California’s Noodlehug, who also has me laughing at Caffeine, It’s a Food Group. Humor plus great mid-century design plus coffee? Wow, that’s like a trifecta for me.


Life begins with coffee | Coffee poster art by Latte Design on Etsy

Coffee is always a good idea | Coffee poster art by Latte Design

Another impressive design shop is is the aptly named Latte Design on Etsy, which also uses retro graphics, only a more 1930’s/Bauhaus style that remind me of those cool old propaganda posters. I really like Life Begins After Coffee, but there’s something to be said the ubiquitous Coffee is Always a Good Idea, which I’ve seen around, but not generally with such great typography.

For what it’s worth, the quote is derived from Audrey Hepburns line in Sabrina about Paris always being a good idea –but I vote for coffee in Paris.

Still, I understand that the two together might be a little cumbersome on a poster.