One of the best new-mom tips I ever received was to invest in a nice baby bounce chair. My BTDT friends swore that we’d use it every single day, and they were right. I’ve had a few over the years, and by far my favorite were the simple, minimalist rockers that just let my babies bounce at their own whim—rather than the battery-operated, light-up, talking and vibrating chairs that can be overwhelming to me, much less my tired infant.

Now that I’m waiting for baby number four, I would love to get my hands on the beautiful Wave Wave baby bounce chair from Babyhome (the same folks who bring us that amazing So-Ro cradle) which checks all the right boxes.

The natural wood and neutral fabrics are gorgeous. And the chair design is simple, but efficient. Any of the three reclining positions will rock as your baby bounces, or you can set the stationary bar to keep the chair still — a handy feature when you want to prop your baby up to feed her, or keep her steady when she’s reclined and sleeping.

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Babyhood Wave wooden baby bounce chair

Babyhood Wave wooden baby bounce chair folds down to 3.5 inches
If storage space is a factor for you—and when isn’t it, if you’re a parent?—you’ll appreciate that this gorgeous baby bounce chair also collapses down to less than 4 inches high. Just the right size to slide in the back of my closet or under my bed, so I’m not tripping over it when I’m up for those midnight feedings.

Gorgeous design like this comes at a price, though—$179 makes it definitely a splurge for modern design fans who value baby gear that goes with their decor. Then again, I have a feeling this chair will last way longer than the bargain bounce chairs I’ve seen, and I would be so happy to pass it onto another happy baby when we’re through with it.

Find the  Babyhome Wave baby bounce chair at our affiliate Amazon with free Prime shipping, and learn more at the Babyhome website.

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