This spring, two of my friends have had kid number four which as we all know, makes it a little tougher in the gift-giving department. What baby gift do you give to the veteran mom who has three of everything already? Think heirlooms and personalized gifts.

(Unless of course you are buying gifts for George Forman’s sons.)

I just found the sweetly personalized baby blankets from Swell Forever and think they’re just perfect, since they take personalization way beyond monogramming. Send them your custom message, and they’ll print it on a tag sewn into the luxurious, made-in-the-US blanket.

A sentimental message is so sweet, but you could also use a short poem, the meaning of your child’s name, or just their birth info—name, time of birth, weight. You know, all that stuff they ask about later and you can never remember.

Swell Forever keepsake personalized baby blankets

Swell forever keepsake baby blankets with tags you can personalize with a message

Swell Forever keepsake baby blankets | Proceeds help support families who are adopting

On a personal level, I really am taken with the idea that each sale allows the company to donate a portion of their proceeds to help parents who are adopting.

My husband and I have been in the hard “waiting” stage of adoption for a while now, and working out the finances can be staggering–with fees over $40,000 in many cases. This process is not for the faint-of-heart, I’ve discovered, and I’ve felt like giving up so many times. But when someone comes along and helps, whether they’re donating money or just offering a word of support, that’s the boost that keeps us going.

So knowing a Swell Forever blanket can be both only a luxurious gift for my friend’s new baby, and an incredibly special gesture that helps another family entirely to bring their new child home—that’s a gift I can get behind.

Personalize your Swell Forever personalized baby blanket with up to 150 characters, and a portion of your sale will be donated to cover adoption fees for a waiting family.