Okay, so we’ve been holding out on you all. Just a little. We are so so excited to be launching a campaign today that we’re calling #UnguiltyPleasures.

We’ve been talking about this idea forever, ever since the idea of “mom guilt” entered our vocabularies, which we think was uh, prepartum.  We’re tired of the guilt thing that women and moms face daily in their lives, and how for some reason, we’re not really supposed to enjoy so many of the little things that give us joy in our lives.

So we decided, we’re not calling them Guilty Pleasures any more. From now on, they’re Unguilty Pleasures.

And we can’t think of a more appropriate sponsor for our launch episodes than Kindle Love Stories, a thriving online community for lovers of all things romance, without the guilt. You know where you can get recos for e-books with titles like Seduced by Sunday and Dark Instincts?

We say, if romance novels are your thing? Awesome. Own it! Flaunt it! Hey, flaunt them in front of us — some of those covers are hot. Plus, you get to escape into a world of romance where no one has to do the dishes or step on LEGOs on the way to the bedroom.

As for us, the first unguilty pleasure of our own that we want to share is binge watching. You know what we’re talking about — you with the bags under your eyes because you couldn’t stop streaming Game of Thrones or Walking Dead until it was 3 AM and you realized you were close to propping up your eyelids with toothpicks.

Check out the video and let us know if you’re with us!

Oh, and let us know what you think of our sexy hats.


We’d love it if you’d come clean right along with us. Share your own unguilty pleasures using the hashtag #UnguiltyPleasures on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram — we are where you are. We’ll be resharing our favorites with our fans and followers with the hopes that we can all start reclaiming those little joys in our lives.

Also, be sure to visit the Kindle Love Stories community, where you’ll find the original binge-readers. Just wait until you realized you’ve read an entire e-book in a single night — and you’ve got six more to go in the series. Fun stuff, mamas.

Visit our sponsor Kindle Love Stories for a 30-day free trial of Kindle Unlimited, as well as hand selected romance reads to binge on, including No Ordinary Billionaire by J.S. Scott.