One of the main reasons I always loved babywearing — besides having both hands free, which is the clear winner — is that cool baby carriers can be a stylish way for new moms to accessorize, especially when we’re not always feeling so fabulous in our regular clothes.  So we went looking for some cool baby carriers to help dress up the new mamas out there, and we’re loving four fun, stylish options we found. They’re great for those of you with newborns or a shower on your calendar.

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Lillebaby limited edition Tokidoki Rebel carrier: Cool baby slings

We’ve been big fans of LÍLLÉbaby for years, and we were so excited to hear that they partnered with tokidoki to create the all-season tokidoki Rebel baby carrier (above). LÍLLÉbaby carriers are super comfy, with six carrying positions and a temperature-control panel that unzips to reveal breathable mesh for warmer weather.. Of course this fabulous, limited print is only available a at some small online boutiques that still have stock, if you’ve got to have it now and you’re willing to pay a little extra.

Cool baby carriers: The Rockin' Baby Pouch is one of our longtime favorites

We’re also longtime fans of Rockin’ Baby Slings and their cool pouches and slings. They keep coming out with great new prints including ones to let dads get in on the babywearing action too. But they’ve kept their awesomely smart, simple design that helps even a jittery new mom feel secure wearing her baby. I especially love the great floral patterns for spring like this One Rose reversible baby pouch, with a draped sling fabric that does double duty as a nursing cover. And Rockin’ Baby is still doing good work with mothers around the world, donating a Hero Sling to a mother in Haiti or Kenya with each pouch or sling purchased.


Cool baby carriers: The Hotslings adjustable pouch carrier in lots of great styles

If you love the pouch style carrier but prefer a more understated print, check out the Hotslings adjustable baby pouches. Instead of a zipper, like the Rockin’ Baby pouch, these carriers use hidden straps and buckles to change the size of the pouch. Same function, just a matter of personal preference. They also have video instructions on site to help ensure you’ve got the fit right for your baby’s age and size. Sorry, no video instructions for getting babies to sleep through the night.


Cool baby carriers: Gorgeous ring slings at Oscha Slings

If you’re a ring sling fan, we found some gorgeous options for you too, in the new ring slings at Oscha Slings which blow us away. (Also shown at very top) The colors and patterns are so elegant, with lots of jewel tones and subtle prints. I also really like the variety of luxury fabrics, including bamboo, linen, an organic pima cotton, and an Egyptian combed wool-blend. The one drawback is that these beautiful slings ship from Scotland, so be prepared to pay some hefty shipping fees. But wow, what a dressy accessory to help a new mom feel pretty — and like no other mom in her new mom playgroup.