With another school year coming to an end, it’s a great time to capture a photo of your grinning student on their last day of school. To make sure you remember the moment years from now, I love the new Picture Me Proud photo memory cards from the smart folks at Sticky Bellies. They’ll make sure the memory of their last day of kindergarten, first, second, or even fifth grade stays clear, as well as many other moments of importance in their young lives.

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A set of Picture Me Proud photo memory cards includes 10 single-use cards marking important milestones like the first and last day of school, a special family vacation, that first tooth loss, as well as some “fill in the blank” moments that you want to remember. Just grab a marker or pen and fill in the spaces provided, and snap a photo.

Keep your completed cards in a photo album or scrapbook — or, if you’re like me, a plain big box in which I shove important papers and pictures for the kids to have when they’ve grown.


Picture Me Proud photo memory cards by Sticky Bellies

Here’s my idea: Consider laminating the first and last day of school cards so you can reuse them each year with a dry-erase marker. At some point as the years go on, your careful handwriting can be replaced by their own penmanship which I think would make for a pretty sweet transition to capture in a photo.

The set of ten Picture Me Proud photo memory cards by Sticky Bellies is available for pre-order now, expected to ship by May 28, 2015.