We were all totally blown away last year when we began to see the daily paper-dress creations of one amazing four-year-old affectionately known as Mayhem. With her mom as her assistant (well, maybe a little more), Mayhem’s wearable creations have always been colorful and creative, one-of-a-kind haute couture made of paper, tin foil, and tape. But beginning today, our kids can wear an actual Mayhem creation thanks to J. Crew’s brand-new collection Little Mayhem for J.Crew.

Little Mayhem for J.Crew’s line of dresses, separates, and accessories replaces the paper and tape with cotton and stitching but still captures Mayhem’s delightful imagination in each piece. And, in case you are wondering, yes, she was actually quite involved in the design process for this new line.

Little Mayhem for J Crew: The tiny fashion designer gets her own kid's line!


Mayhem working on her new kid's clothing line for J.Crew

Mayhem helps adjust a necklace for her new clothing line for J.Crew

Little Mayhem for J.Crew beaded necklace for girls

Unlike some of her in-home designs–like a recent hot-pink mermaid ensemble–all of the J.Crew pieces are made so our girls can still run, jump, and twirl to their hearts’ content. Or, as in this Girls Beaded Necklace, all of the above. Only adorably accessorized.


Party dress for girls from the new Mayhem for J Crew Collection

Girls Little Mayhem party dress

Girls tassel tee by Little Mayhem for J Crew

Girls tassel tee

safari print romper for girls  from the new Mayhem for J Crew Collection

Safari print romper


Little Mayhem for J.Crew wrap skirt for girls

Dark Cranberry Wrap Skirt


Adorable girls sandals from the new Little Mayhem for J.Crew collection

Girls Gladiator Sandals in gold or orange



Priced from $22 for accessories to $110 for a party dress, we know a few young fans right in our own homes who would love to get their hands on one of Mayhem’s designs — if they save a whole lot of allowance. They’re definitely not cheap play clothes.  However, unlike her in-home creations, there won’t be any paper cut risk. Though, Mayhem, if you can figure out a way to turn that hot-pink mermaid ensemble into a wearable and walkable outfit, we’ve got some girls lined up who’d be happy to model it for you any time.

Little Mayhem for J.Crew girls’ clothing collection launches today on J.Crew.com. And don’t miss any of Mayhem’s unique creations by following her mother’s Instagram account, 2sisters_angie

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