Some days are just…yeah. That. You know what I mean. And maybe a glass of wine will help, or maybe even an empty one –at least if they’re these fantastic Rough Day Wine Glasses. Come on, you know you want to laugh.

They’re like the perfect post-breakup BFF gift or the stemware to pull out when the kids are off to the grandparents and you’ve got a girls’ night in. (And yes, I speak from occasional experience in that department.)

It seems to be about the size of a typical Cab/Bordeaux glass, so don’t worry if once in a while you actually go ahead and fill it right to that top line. I mean, just compare this with the smallest soda cup at the movie theater concession. That makes the wine glass an extra-small, right?

Rough Day Wine Glasses | Fun gift!

Ooh, they’re fun affordable hostess gifts too. In fact, if I had thought about it sooner, I’d totally have snagged four of them to bring to Christina and Kristen when we all get together this weekend. Something tells me that after just a few hours of 9 kids in the house, the wine glasses might come in handy. Just a hunch.

Find the clever Rough Day Wine Glasses.from Nordstrom. CMP is an rstyle affiliate. Have a safe holiday weekend everyone, and save the wine until after the car is put away for the night.

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