If you have a kid (or kid at heart) who’s wild for LEGO, you have to check out EverBlock. As in, right now. Because if you’ve ever thought about what it would be like to be a Minifig in one of those cool creations, this is pretty much your chance.

EveryBlock offers a series of modular, giant bricks that you can turn into all kinds of cool furniture. Think coffee table bases, room dividers, kids’ desks, you name it. The site is packed with ideas, some more sophisticated than you might think.


EverBlock Systems let you create LEGO style furniture like this modern bar

EverBlock modular LEGO style bricks: Use them to build cool kids' shelving

Wall divider made with EverBlocks LEGO style modular bricks

Design inspiration: Use EverBlocks modular blocks to make a LEGO style room divider


Essentially you’ve got a full sized 12″ block to work with, along with some smaller sizes, plus connector clips and reinforcement rods if you need something more structurally sound. But for the most part, no tools necessary. They all fit together in a sturdy fashion just like…well, LEGO, of course. They’re even made to hold up to outdoor use.

You need to contact the company for pricing, but from what I can tell, the individual EverBlock pieces are very affordable; they quote the 12-block orange desk, above, as being around $84 without the desktop.


If you’re decorating a nursery, converting one to a kid’s room, or redoing a playroom, I think this is a fantastic resource to check out.

Visit the EverBlock Systems site for tons of decor inspiration, and play around with the Virtual 3D Builder