Before you go to the Fourth of July parade, fire up the grill, or lay out the blanket to watch the fireworks fall from the sky, I like the idea of getting inked up with some beautifully designed DIY Fourth of July tattoos. Just like fireworks, these tattoos are temporary, but sure look pretty while they’re around.

Created by crafter, creator, and talented handwriting illustrator Alexis of Persia Lou, her Watercolor Fourth of July Tattoos are so nicely designed, I want to wear them just as much as the children do.


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Fourth of July DIY Tattoos by Persia Lou

Thankfully, they look easy to make with just some temporary tattoo paper (these are around $7 at our affiliate Amazon, with free Prime shipping to get them to you in time), your color printer, and Alexis’s step-by-step instructions.

The sweetly patriotic designs even come in different sizes to fit both adult and child arms, ankles, hands, shoulders, or wherever you decide to stick them. Yes, kids, even on your forehead if you insist. That’s the beauty of “temporary.”


Visit Persia Lou to download her free DIY Watercolor Fourth of July Tattoos and to get her instructions for applying them.