We’re always looking for cool new safety innovations for children and since Volvo is synonymous with safety (thanks, advertising!) we’re not entirely surprised that they’re the first to reinvent family car travel with this Volvo child seat concept.

Whoa, right?

The premise is that the baby can remain in a rear-facing seat in the new Volvo XC90, only…in front. Then whomever is in the passenger seat has the ability to slide back. That way, the kiddo is in eyeshot of both the driver and another passenger, instead of one of us (ahem) climbing awkwardly into the rear over the seat back in the middle of traffic in the highway with our butts in the air because the baby is shrieking and there’s nowhere to pull over.  Clearly I know a little something about that.

There are even heated cupholders for a bottle. Which only insures that car marketers can continue to joke that women buy cars for the cupholders, because yep, totally. When I was a new mom, I very well might have bought it for that reason alone, and without apologies.

I do have about a zillion questions about safety and airbags and front seats versus rear seats and conversions to child-size seats and and and and. But still, this is a pretty cool start, right? Especially if it’s as safe as Volvo’s other innovations.

Did you even know that Volvo invented the rear-facing child seat to begin with?

Volvo's child seat concept: The built-in seat lets the baby sit rear facing in the front, for eye contact with the other passengers
Of course as our own Lisa points out, there is no way the concept mom in the concept car photos is actually that baby’s actual mother. Not just because she looks fantastic and well-rested and still had time to have her hair coiffed perfectly. But because any real mother knows that babies can still projectile vomit far enough to totally ruin your silk designer jumpsuit all the way in the back.

The Volvo Child Seat concept is still in concept stage; no statement on whether it will reach production but we’ll keep an eye on it. 

via Car Scoops