I guess I’ve got super heroes on the brain, because first it was the Wonder Woman Havaianas that I found this past week, and now it’s….wait for it…Underoos.


The same ones you may remember from your childhood.  I had no idea they even still existed, did you?

Underoos for kids are back!

Kids can choose from a limited number of retro-fabulous brief/tank sets featuring the likes of Batman and Robin, Superman, Spiderman, Wonder Woman and Super Girl, all to help them fly into bed each night, and perhaps use their super human strength to stay in bed a little longer on weekend mornings.

The girls’ sets in particular are a little different than the originals though; it seems the tank tops have gotten longer, the more authentic costume designs have been replaced by logos, and what’s with the Wonder Woman briefs? The stars used to be like totally the best part!

Only the designers of the adult Underoos seem to understand the importance of authenticity here. Both the men’s and the women’s sets more closely resemble the originals from what I can tell.

Wonder Woman Underoos for kids - They're back! But no stars? Sniff.

Notice the other thing that changed about the Wonder Woman underoos for kids, besides the evolution of the DC comic character? The blue border has been replaced by pink. Just saying.

Find sets of Underoos for children, women and men online at their official website.