While searching around for a new pair of flip-flops for my kids, I came across shoes of supreme coolness: Wonder Woman Havaianas! Everyone’s favorite affordable Brazilian flip-flops are now a colorful homage to the great Princess Diana of Themyscira and they come in both women’s and kids’ sizes.

However I may have to get them just for me. My younger daughter said, but I didn’t even see the movie yet! (Sigh. Kids today.)  Then all I’d need is a pair of those awesome Wonder Woman bracelets in our Indie Shop and my childhood fantasy would be complete. But I’d settle for Diana’s legs. And maybe that invisible jet. And okay, the tiara. I always liked that tiara.

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Wonder Woman Havaianas in toddler and kid sizes

If you have a toddler, also check out the toddler Wonder Woman Havaianas (above) with an added ankle strap to keep super girls on their feet while taking on much smaller, slightly less nefarious imaginary bad guys.

Find the Wonder Woman Havaianas in women or kids’ sizes from our affiliate Zappos.