As I sat online with Kristen, trying to figure out just what we will send our girls by way of care packages when they attend sleepaway camp together this summer (sniff) we got wind of the most awesome idea: Treat House creates delicious rice cereal bars, amped up with crazy flavors and toppings.

But the super cool thing is that they will customize them and even add your camp logo on the top, pretty much guaranteeing your kid MVP status with her bunkmates.

Treat House customized their gourmet rice cereal bars with your kid's camp logo or team name

They sent us a few samples and we forced ourselves¬†to try them out for you all because basically we love you. And we’re willing make that kind of sacrifice for you. As¬†Kristen put it, “That was awesome, and I would definitely¬†eat another one. If you really need me too.”

In other words, thumbs up on the crazy flavored rice cereal bars.

The company was started by a couple whose treats were so popular at a charity bake sale, they teamed up with a top NYC pastry chef to sell them everywhere. Which is just what they’re doing.

As a parent, I like that the homemade marshmallows are made from cane sugar and not other stuff, and that the flavors are labeled clearly if they have dairy, gluten or nuts in them —¬†though most don’t, and you can even specifically order a nut-free assortment. As for those flavors? Oof. Think¬†salted caramel, Oreo (so good!), gummy bears, birthday cake, Dubble Bubble, and of course, s’mores. Because, camp. Not that they’re all gourmet per se — some are probably a little candied-up¬†for my own liking. But for my ten-year-old? Jackpot.

Oreo rice cereal bars - yum! | Treat House

Gummi bear gourmet rice cereal bars | Treat House

Treat House gourmet rice cereal bars: The ultimate camp care package


It’s a little confusing as to whether you can specify the flavors in¬†the¬†12 or 24-pack gift boxes but I get the sense the company is extremely accommodating. What’s most important though is to make sure you order enough so that¬†every kid in the bunk gets one. And¬†speaking from experience, make sure every¬†counsellor gets two. Trust me.

Visit Treat House to order gourmet rice cereal treats, that can be customized with a camp logo for camp care packages. And be sure to visit the Treat House NY Instagram account. Yum. Thanks to the company for sending us a few that we tediously sampled.

Your purchase also helps support The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and you can make an additional donation on the site to help underwrite the shipping of the treats that Treat House sends to them.