When I saw the brand new Skip Hop Forget Me Not backpack and lunch bag sets earlier this year at Toy Fair, it was like an instant, I HAVE TO TELL PEOPLE ABOUT THIS. And now, at long last, they’re available for purchase from their site, our affiliate Amazon, or indie kids’ boutiques everywhere.

The idea is so clever: Backpacks in little kid sizes that is smartly designed with a matching lunch pack that actually fits right into a zippered flap on the outside of the bag with a see-through window. If that window isn’t showing the lunch box pattern on it? There is no lunch box in the bag. 

Hear that, kids?

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Skip Hop Forget Me Not lunchbox and backpack sets: The clear window fits the lunch box, making it harder to forget

Skip Hop forget me not backpack sets: If the lunch bag isn't showing through the window, kids know they forgot it!


Skip Hop Forget Me Not backpack and lunchbag sets: brilliant! Kids can tell from the clear window whether they've forgotten their lunch



The four sets are themed in fun motifs like cool shades, lightning bolts, hearts and clouds. Though don’t be dissuaded by the “boys’ styles” category, parents of girls. My own kids say the lightning bolts and sunglasses are their favorites.

As far as size, at 11.5″ x 14″ high, they’re bigger than the toddler packs from Beatrix (those are 9 x 12),  but not quite big enough for older grade schoolers with lots of books. I wish they were though, considering the number of lunches my second-grader will be leaving behind this coming year.

The set is great price too: Just around $40 for the 3-piece set.

(Okay, so the third is a cute reflective zipper pull. Let’s just go ahead and call it a 2.5-piece set. Or a two-piece set with bonus zipper pull.)

Skip Hop Forget Me Not Lunch Kits | fun bentos for kids

If you like going the matchy route, check out the same motifs as forget me not zippered case sets, lunch kits, and cute insulated food jars for when sandwiches get boring. There are no magic windows on them, but with styles this fun, maybe your kids won’t forget them simply because they want to keep them. Wishful thinking?

Find the Skip Hop Forget Me Not backpack and lunch bag sets and other matching school accessories on our affiliate Amazon with free Prime shipping, or find out more on the Skip Hop website.