We can’t believe it’s August and we’re already thinking about back-to-school shopping. Although what’s crazier is that some of you parents have to think about it now because your kids go back to school next week. WHAT’S HAPPENING WITH THIS WORLD?

(Sorry, New Yorker here whose kids go back to school after Labor Day.)

So as we start to poke around for the coolest school supplies to bring you in our upcoming annual back to school shopping guide, I came across these emoji backpacks and honestly, I just couldn’t wait another week to share them.

Seeing how emoji is like the new Minecraft, my kids are clamoring for anything emoji right now, and this fits the bill.The basic emoji backpack features pretty much every emoji, including those symbols all the way on the right that I never use like the clocks and the astrological symbols.

For something a little brighter, there’s also a rainbow emoji backpack (also at Nordstrom.com for a little less) which focuses a little more on the cuter, kid-friendlier icons like happy faces, barnyard animals, musical instruments, and snacks. Also, the poop. Because what would anything emoji for kids be these days without that darn thing?

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Emoji backpacks for kids

Rainbow emoji backpacks for kids. Cute!

I haven’t seen them in person, but other neoprene backpacks and lunch pails my kids have owned in the past have held up just great.  At 12.5″ wide by 18″ tall they should be a nice size for both preschoolers and kids in younger grades who have a few more notebooks to tote, and the inside pocket and the zippered pocket on the outside will come in handy for smaller items. There’s no dedicated bottle pocket or other bells and whistles you’ll find with the tried-and-true backpack brands, but for pure fun and basic school-supply-hauling needs,  I can’t think of one that’s cooler right now than this.

I also don’t know if it will be possible for me to talk my kids out of it, once they see it. So just be prepared for that if you have one of your offspring reading over your shoulder right now.

Find the emoji backpack and rainbow emoji backpack online from Zara Terez Kids. They’re not cheap at $85 but neoprene construction means they are built to last. You can find them for a little less at Nordstrom.com (affiliate)