Wow, it’s been a long time that we’ve been fighting the good fight for smart girl tees, as an alternative to the future diva and future golddigger tees we used to see way too often when our own girls were babies. Clearly we weren’t alone. Because look where we are now!

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By now you probably know about Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls — which isn’t just Amy by the way (hey, Meredith!) — and not only are they doing great things for girls, but their organization name happens to lend itself to a pretty great t-shirt message. Or, in this case, a Future Smart Girl baby onesie. I want to buy one for every little baby girl I know.

Not just because it’s true, but because I want all the little baby boys of the world to know just who they’re sharing the planet with.

Check out the Future Smart Girl baby onesie for $15 at the Smart Girls online store and check out Smart Girls if you haven’t yet. You’ll see that your purchase is supporting one important org.

h/t @geektrooper



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