If your kitchen cabinet is anything like mine, the brightly colored kids cups, bowls and plates have likely taken over. If you’re going to give into the kid stuff (which you probably should, unless you like broken dishes), first check out this fantastic new find of ours: The eco-friendly and adorable My Natural line.

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This is no mere plastic! The critter themed bowls and dishes are in fact created from eco-safe, plant based starches, and from food-grade silicone for the bowl bases and grippy utensil handles. None of the bad chemicals we try to avoid when possible, like BPA, PVC, or even latex which some kids are allergic to.

As for the cute factor, I happen to be a sucker for woodland animal designs for kids so I am all about their minimalist, modern raccoon, deer, owl and fox faces which are even cuter in person.

What does the fox say? Finish your broccoli!

You can totally use that, it’s okay. I give that to you as a gift.

My Natural makes very cool eco-friendly baby dish sets that stay put

You can tell the designers were thinking about parents as well as kids when they considered features like slip resistant feet on the plates and bowls, and the tree-lined splash guard on the Eco Place Mat which helps keep finger foods and runaway Cheerios contained.  Plus, the colorful silicone easily wipes clean. Hooray for small favors.


Adorable new toddler and baby feeding sets that happen to be eco-friendly too


Cool silicone toddler trays that keep food (and bowls) where they're supposed to be.


What’s even cooler (well, at least to us), is that Liz ran into the Brooklyn couple who started the company at the NY NOW gift show this week, and turns out they were the original founders behind MiYim, the very first line of organic dolls that we discovered many moons ago. So basically, this is a lovely family-run business from people with real commitment to making cute, functional products and doing good in the world.

Also, doing good at the table. As in, you not having to pick up an entire meal off the floor every night.

Shop the fun new eco-friendly baby and toddler feeding collection online at My Natural. Pieces are affordable too, ranging from $8 to $20 for the bowl and utensil set which is a perfect baby shower gift.