The nursery in our apartment was used by the previous tenant as a walk-in closet so as you can imagine, it’s small.  Every item our baby’s room has to earn its place by either looking great or serving us with high functionality. Ideally both. Sadly this means when I come across sweet pillows, blankets and other decorative additions I have to pass, but multi-purpose baby gear? You’ve got my attention. Hello to the Peripop baby play mat.

Coming to us from Oribel, the makers of our beloved Portaplay exersaucer, I’m so happy to have a chance to try Peripop, which it turns out is actually way more than just a functional play mat. It’s meant to grow with your child and fill multiple kid needs in one simple and adorable design.

It’s a stroller blanket that can transition to a playmat for tummy time, and eventually a backrest or cushion when you unzip the bottom like I did, and fill it with those stuffed animals you can’t part with, old clothes, towels or or quilts to cut back on the clutter.

Voila! You’ve got a relaxing cushion for lounging on the floor with the kids. Which is just how I’m using mine.

Peripop panda: transitions from a floor mat to a cushion when you fill it with blankets or stuffed animals

Peripop fox mat: Use it as a baby floor mat, a stroller blanket, or unzip to fill with stuffed animals as a floor cusionPeripop bear mat: Use it as a baby floor mat, a stroller blanket, or unzip to fill with stuffed animals as a floor cusion

Any of the four Peripop designs are a bright and  cheery addition to a kids’ room or nursery. I admit that first I thought I was going to use it just as a baby play mat because it looks so darn cute (like a preschool version of a faux animal skin rug) but I’m surprised at how often I grab it for other uses. A little tip though: If you tossing it on the ground as a play mat, you can stick an extra blanket or two inside to make it cushier for your baby to lay on, or for floor play.

Another tip: Be sure you keep it zipped so your child doesn’t crawl inside the animal pouch. It’s not a sleeping bag!

Now at $69 it’s not like what you’d spend for a regular receiving blanket, but then, it’s so much more. What a cool little indulgence — or shower gift registry item. Especially considering those awesome Instagram photo ops you’ll get from tummy time to all that sweet toddler imaginative play.

Get more info about the Peripop play mat from Oribel at their webshop and find it for sale with free Prime shipping at our affiliate Amazon for $69. Thanks to the company for sending CMP one for review