When that baby of yours hits the 5 or 6 month mark, so many things begin to change. Suddenly your baby is way too big for hanging out in the swing, but too little to sit and play in the pack n play, and this is where the exersaucer can save the day.  Not like we need a ton of new gear around our home, but we are bouncing up and down for the new Oribel PortaPlay convertible baby activity center design from Oribel which, in addition to having a great design for play and development, can transition into a play table as your child grows, making it a smart value.

(Editor’s note: We’re receiving security warnings when we visit the Oribel site for some reason. We doubt it’s anything malicious, but you can also see the Oribel PortaPlay on our affiliate Amazon for comprehensive info.)

The fun interactive toys are designed to stimulate budding senses and development, and I have to say I agree. The second I put my six-month-old daughter in there, I found the spinning, clicking, mirrors, buttons and more immediately kept her focused and happy.

In other words, I can have some guilt-free, hands free time to myself.

Oribel Portaplay Baby Activity Center converts from a modern exersaucer to an activity table for toddlers and beyond. Smart!

I appreciate that the design is simple and modern, not nearly as cluttered and over-stimulating as a lot of other options out there. With bright earth tones and fun woodland animal theme, it’s a total non-offender in the scheme of playroom decor.

I also like that the legs fold in for easy storage if you have a spatially challenge home like mine, or use it for travel or to stash at a grandparent’s house. But mostly I love that the PortaPlay doesn’t become yet another baby toy that’s essential for about a nanosecond, then makes its way right to Craigslist, which helps to justify the relatively spendy pricetag.

Once your baby is walking, just pop out the seat inside and replace it with the wood top to make it a standing activity table.


(Plus, what’s the value of not having to deal with people on Craigslist? Just saying.)
Oribel PortaPlay baby activity center converts to a toddler play table

Oribel PortaPlay toddler table: Converted from a baby activity center

I think when my kids hit toddler and preschool age, it will make a perfect flat table for drawing, crafting and creative play. Two super useful kid life items in one, without needing to sell one piece to make room for another. In fact, I’m looking for any caveats to give you, and besides the $149 price tag which isn’t for everyone, I’m really hard-pressed to find one. This is a fantastic new baby product, and we don’t come across those that often.

And hey, a $149 item is always a great addition to a baby registry. Hint hint.

Find the Oribel PortaPlay baby activity center at our affiliate Amazon  or add it to your registry there, or find a local indie baby boutique near you from the Oribel site.