Our superhero-loving kids are going to leap over a tall building to get their hands on The Superhero Comic Kit, an activity book that gives them the chance to write and illustrate their very own comic books. No super skills required, only an active imagination, which we’re pretty sure is their super power anyway.

And, wow, will their imagination have a place to play on the pages of this (very) oversized, uniquely hands-on book by British illustrator Jason Ford, also the author of The Super Book for Super Heroes which we love.

In his latest release, Ford takes kids¬†through all the steps they need to know to create their own comic books. Beginning with¬†instructions for how to draw an entire cast of characters,¬†both good¬†and bad guys, kids can use the clever drawing guides and grid to help even a tentative illustrator feel quite skilled. Plus the oversized format is fantastic for kids whose ideas can’t always be contained in those tiny comic strip template books.

Hey, fine motor skills is not a prerequisite for imagination.

But the coolest parts of The Superhero Comic Kit are the 10 pull-out templates that will allow your kids to make their own eight-page comic books. Using their own illustrations, supplied superhero stickers, and whatever dialogue they can dream up, kids will create comics that are truly one-of-a-kind.

My son thinks it’s pretty awesome, and Liz’s third-grade daughter hasn’t put it down for three days. That’s saying something.

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The Superhero Comic Kit by Jason Ford: ENORMOUS and super fun DIY book for imaginative kids

Since there are ten¬†templates, I love that this is one activity that siblings or friends can all do, perhaps swapping¬†their finished stories with each other to hear about each other’s different adventures. Because if there’s one thing a superhero comic needs, it’s readers.

And maybe a giant tote bag. Did I mention this book is huge?

Grab a copy of the brand-new activity book The Superhero Comic Kit from Jason Ford at our affiliate Amazon. It starts shipping today!